Regenerative Medicine – Umbilical Cord (HUCT) Stem Cells and PEMF

(Yes, I copied my apology from my other blog…)

My apologies to readers and to those waiting for their interviews to be released – most of you know I have two blogs, Marsh Tacky Tales and Psoriatic Disease Survival Guide . Sometimes they influence each other, for instance – last month was pretty difficult health-wise and I didn’t get most of what I wanted to get done for either blog completed.

So, I haven’t made it to my PEMF appointment yet – lack of funds, Hurricanes and overall total crappy days for the last month and a half. My cortisone shots in my Sacroiliac Joints are wearing off already. The barometric pressure changes from the hurricanes Florence and Michael have pretty much put me out of commission. So that means I did a lot of reading while my hands and the rest of my body were in misery. I also have been trying to learn how to help my friend Tom with Dialysis procedures.

*Please check out “Tom needs a Kidney” and volunteer to be a live donor! Tom is part of our family and we are trying to find a matching donor for him as soon as possible.*

I found out that PEMF is often used in conjunction with Stem Cell therapy!! Even better – PEMF & STEM CELL are also used in conjunction with organ transplants for optimum outcomes! 

I did go to a seminar hosted by Dr. Darcy Ladner from OmniWellness Center about Stem Cell Treatment.  I was lucky enough to have someone who could drive me to the seminar, (and Dr. Ladner even bought dinner afterward, win win for me – I got out of the house and an awesome meal!) I encourage you to check out the seminar!

This isn’t your old-timey stem cell therapy where they take your stem cells and re-inject them into you, it’s not from amniotic fluid either, and most certainly it is NOT from fetuses. The stem cells are ADULT stem cells taken from HEALTHY umbilical cords and used to help the body repair its self, also known as HUCT stem cells. Dr. Riordan, based in Panama, has developed this procedure and uses it not only to heal sports injuries, but to also to help with auto-immune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Please do your own research before selecting any procedures. I will be continuing mine as well. I am looking forward to one day being able to use stem cell therapy to help control my Psoriatic disease and co-morbidities and have a much better quality of life!


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